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CSP Introductory CS Grading at Scale
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Student Hackathons

Investigated student experiences at students hackathons, project-building marathons. Explored areas such as competition, learning experiences, event branding, motivations and goals, and student experiences.

  • Designed and ran interdisciplinary, hands-on, informal learning environment
  • Mix-methods study involving ethnographic observation, feedback questionnaires, construct surveys, informal and structured interviews
  • Analyzed qualitative data, statistical analysis of quantitative data
  • Conducted research on event design and program evaluation

Kos, Brittany Ann. "Understanding Female-Focused Hackathon Participants' Collaboration Styles and Event Goals." ICGJ 2019: Proceedings of the International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation Events, 2019.

Kos, Brittany Ann. "The Collegiate Hackathon Experience." ICER '18: Proceedings of the fourtinteeth annual International Conference on International Computing Education Research, 2018.

Kos, Brittany Ann "The Unique Hackathon Experience." University of Colorado Boulder. 2016.

Prompting Computational Thinking

Investigated how untrained students could help each other learn to think computationally in introductory information science classes.

  • Developed and intervention that prompted and guided students through questions that were designed to help them solve programming problems
  • Conducted focus groups with students to gain feedback
  • Iterated on intervention for future implementation

Kos, Brittany Ann. "The Collaborative Learning Framework: Scaffolding for Untrained Peer-to-Peer Collaboration." University of Colorado Boulder. 2017.

Grading at Scale

Developed unique grading practices for small team to manage coursework of a 700-student Introduction to Engineering Class.

  • Managed core team of 3 and temporary team of 15+ graduate students
  • Administered pre/mid/post assessments

Kos, Brittany Ann and Sarah Miller. "Grade-a-thons and Divide-and-Conquer: Effective Assessment at Scale." ASEE '17: American Society of Engineering Education 124th Annual Conference & Exposition, 2017.

Center for STEM Learning

Introductory STEM

Various initiatives that explored: student experiences between three STEM majors; training undergraduate learning assistants (LA); and discourse within introductory classes

  • Administered questionnaires and surveys; conducted ethnographic observation
  • Assisted in conducting training of 15+ student workers
Committee Member: TAM BA College Exploration Committee

Kos, Brittany Ann. "Computer Science is ‘Hard’: Looking at the Gap Between Two Computing Programs." ICER '15: Proceedings of the eleventh annual International Conference on International Computing Education Research. Poster and Lightning Talk. 2015.

Kos, Brittany Ann. "Becoming a "Good Programmer"." University of Colorado Boulder. 2015.

Graduate Research Fellow (NSF)

The ECSITE Project: Engaging Computer Science in Traditional Education

This NSF GK-12 project incorporated computing into existing K-12 courses by working with local school districts to develop standards-based curriculum appropriate for each school. Developed interdisciplinary science/technology content for a targeted demographic. Collaborated with a middle school teacher to develop career exploration, computational thinking, environmental activist curricula for >200 8th grade students.

Volunteered as a board member of STEM outreach NPO. Assisted in program coordination for 4 schools/programs. Gathered volunteers, hosted events, coordinated with middle schools.

Kos, Brittany Ann and Elizabeth Sims. "STEM Careers Infographic Project (SCIP): Teaching Media-Based Computational Thinking Practices." SIGCSE ‘15: Proceedings of the 46th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, 2015.

Kos, Brittany Ann and Elizabeth Sims. "Infographics: The New 5-Paragraph Essay." RMCWiC '14: 2014 Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing, 2014.

Extension Services (NCWIT)

The National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) Extension Services Project seeks to increase recruitment and retention of women in computing and technology undergraduate programs. Worked as a graduate data analyst/social scientist.

  • Developed qualitative coding scheme for report data
  • Analyzed qualitative data, statistical analysis of quantitative data

Laboratory for Playful Computation

Worked as data manager assistant and study facilitator. Interdisciplinary study, teaching middle school students computational thinking concepts through maker technology.

  • Multi-week study across two sites; video, voice, observational data collection
  • Conducted assessment interviews

Gamification of CS Principles

Assisted in implementing gamified intervention to introductory Computer Science Principles course.

Behnke, Kara A., Brittany Ann Kos, and John Bennett. "Computer Science Principles: Impacting Student Motivation & Learning Within and Beyond the Classroom." ICER '16 Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research, 2016.

Mapping Experiences

Linear modeling research project. Assisted in analysis and reporting of results.

Link, Benjamin V., Brittany Ann Kos, Tor D. Wager, and Michael Mozer. "Past Experience Influences Judgment of Pain: Prediction of Sequential Dependencies." Proceedings of the 33d Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2011.