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CSP Introductory CS Grading at Scale


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    Graduate Researcher   2017–2019

    T9Hacks is a women's hackathon promoting gender diversity in creative technology. The hackathon creates opportunity for women to explore new technologies, solve real-world problems, and create something amazing with a team.

    • Dissertation/Thesis
      An Autoethnography of T9Hacks: 'Designing a Welcoming Hackathon for Women and Non-Binary Students to Learn and Explore Computing'
    • Full Paper
      Understanding Female-Focused Hackathon Participants' Collaboration Styles and Event Goals
    • Work-In-Progress
      The Collegiate Hackathon Experience
    • Working Paper
      The Unique Hackathon Experience
    • Article
      Framing the Gender Diversity Conversation at Student Hackathons And Some Organizational Tips

Lab Work

  • NCWIT Retention and Recruitment of Women in CS

    Graduate Researcher Advised under Lecia Barker   2016–2017

    Worked as a social science researcher with the National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) on their Extension Services Project, which seeks to increase recruitment and retention of women in computing and technology undergraduate programs.

  • Informal CS Training

    Graduate Researcher Advised under Lecia Barker   2017

    This small research project looked at an introductory non-cs computing classroom and how students would help teach each other. We tried an intervention that prompted and guided students through questions that were indented to help them solve programming problems.

    • Working Paper
      The Collaborative Learning Framework: Scaffolding for Untrained Peer-to-Peer Collaboration
  • BlockyTalky

    Research Assistant   2016

    BlockyTalky is a research and outreach project lead by Ben Shapiro in the Laboratory for Playful Computation. BlockyTalky teaches students to create interactive, networked physical computing devices by using the BlockyTalky software which is built on Scratch and utilizes Raspberry Pi's.

Research Projects

  • Grading at Scale

    Lead Researcher Advised under Sarah Miller   Fall 2016

    In the Fall of 2016 I worked as a TA for the 700-student Introduction to Engineering Class. This study reported on the grading practices that the 4-person grading staff took to grade weekly assignments at scale.

  • STEM Education

    Computer Science is "Hard": Uncovering Cultural Identities Within Introductory Computing Courses   2016–2017

    This study investigated how cultural norms permeate introductory computing courses and recognize how students adopt or reject these identities in their academic careers.

  • Gamification of CS Principles Course

    Research Assistant   Fall 2015

    Worked under Kara Benhke, PhD on a gamified introductory Computer Science Principles course. CS Principles facilitated positive programming experiences for students, helped increase learning interest and improve attitudes of CS as a field of study, positively changed perceptions of CS as a creative practice, and also encouraged students to continue learning CS after the course had finished.

    • Full Paper
      Computer Science Principles: Impacting Student Motivation & Learning Within and Beyond the Classroom
  • STEM Careers Infographic Project (SCIP)

    Graduate Research GK12 Fellow   2013 – 2015

    This project incorporated computing into existing K-12 courses by working with local school districts to develop standard-based curriculum appropriate for each individual school.

    • Poster
      STEM Careers Infographic Project (SCIP): Teaching Media-Based Computational Thinking Practices
    • Full Paper
      Infographics: The New 5-Paragraph Essay