Current Work

PhD Dissertation

2016 – current

My first line of inquiry research studies how hackathons affect a student's a sense of belonging and profesional computing identity development. The second line of inquiry looks into which elements of a hackathon build belonging and ideneity.


2015 – Current

T9Hacks is a female and non-binary hackathon hosted at the University of Colorado Boulder. The mission of T9Hacks is to create a welcoming and safe place for women and marginalized students to explore hackathons. Our goal is to create opportunity for newcomers to explore a hackathon environment while learning and solving compelling problems.

I founded T9hacks in 2015 and we've hosted three annual hackathons so far. I've been the lead organizer for the past three hackathons and we're planning our fourth hackathon for Fall 2018.

I'm incredibly proud of this outreach work and want to contuine supporting women and non-binary students in the future.

Past Research Grants

BS, BA, and Art‐Computing Majors

2015 – 2016

Before settling on my current dissertation topic, I worked on this project that compared the experiences of students in three degree programs: BS in CS, BA in CS, and BS in TAM.

NSF GK12 Grant

2013 – 2015

I was an NSF GK-12 Fellow for two years. I worked in a science classroom in a middle school in Longmont, Colorado. I did two big projects while at the school, SCIP and CSUnplugged.

Past Research Work

Informal CS Training


This mini research project looked at an introductoary non-cs computing classroom and how students would help teach other. We tried an intervention that promopted and guided students through questions that were indented to help them solve programming problems.

NCWIT Extension Services

2016 – 2017

I worked as a student research assistant for the NCWIT Extension Services Project. This project targets universities and helps them build sustaniable practices that recruit and retain women in computer science at the undergraduate level.

Intro Engineering


I worked as a TA for COEN 1500, an Introduction to Engineering course. The course had over 700 students enrolled and only three Teacher Assistants. I was the lead TA and, with the Professor, created a mass-grading model for a class at this scale.

LPC Lab Assistant


I worked in the Laboratory for Computational Play, lead by Ben Shapiro. As a lab assistane, I helped with the data collection and management of two on-site, multi-week middle school computer science units.

Gamification of Intro CS


I worked as a TA for Kara Benhke, PhD on her gamified introductory Computer Science Principles course. The course was divided into two sections, one with a standard content presentation and the other with online gamified content.