About Me

I'm a candidate in the Alliance for Technology, Learning, & Society (ATLAS) PhD program for Technology, Media, & Society at the University of Colorado Boulder. I have a Bachelors and Masters Computer Science and a minor in Technology, Arts, and Media. I went to grad school to learn more about women in computing, which has taken me on a long journey that has moved from middle school outreach, to undergratudate education, to the work on collegiate hackathons that I'm currently doing. I plan to contuine my work and research in outreach, informal computer science education, and encouraging girls and women into the computing fields after I graduate.

Academic Pursuits

I study collegiate hackathons and computer science education. I'm using belonging and professional computer science identity theory to study hackathon environments. My work is focused on women in computing, with the effort of bridging the severe gender gap we see in that field. My goal is to study and adapt hackathon environments to better welcome diverse students into that space. By including more studnets in the informal learning environment of hackathons, I hope to build their sense of belonging and develop their sense of professional computing identity and to create a more diverse and inclusive future.


Hedshot of Brittany Ann Kos.